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City Valbonne
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Manager(s) airzef arno_h bozo Champ Chris_M Denis DonPipo dov EricG Eve Gilles_V gregchen gudecous jmpeyron juldub mathRobert Phil Philip plam SamAF SimonAF Stef_P Stephane stoufix


Number of members : 49
Number of launched sessions : 1027
Number of effective sessions : 483
Number of invitations : 23569
Number of effective participations : 2394
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No trainings are scheduled for now.

Next competition: Thursday 06 June 2019 (12:10)

Match contre Thales 1
Participants: 2 / 2
Playground: Complexe sportif des Bouillides (CIV)
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Session group: Championnat de volley ASIE d'AirFrance (2018/2019) (PouleA)

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