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City Sophia-Antipolis
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Manager(s) SAMGLA


Number of members : 30
Number of launched sessions : 47
Number of effective sessions : 37
Number of invitations : 1188
Number of effective participations : 314
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No trainings are scheduled for now.

Next competition: Thursday 22 March 2018 (12:00)

Astek vs Inria
Participants: 8 / 31
Playground: Stade Léon Chabert
Last comment 4 days ago by Greg974 : C'est pas grave roh J'avais déjà joué avec Teach on Mars 2 ou 3 fois avant de...
Session group: Championnat de foot ASIE d'Astek (2017/2018) (SérieC2)
Season starts next week + important rules     Posted par vallicek 6 months ago


Season starts next week on on Fr 15SEP2017:

The important rules for this year are:
- Substitution when the game is stopped. Tt is RECOMMENDED (only) to make substitution when the ball is is for your team
- Any kick can score a call, even ball in (la touche)
NEW: - More points lost in case of no referree
- Excluded from the competition after 3 lack of referree
NEW: - If we report a match, we have only 7 calendar days to find the new date

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