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Date and hours Wednesday 17 April 2019
  • Session lock: 10:45
  • Appointment: 12:05
  • Session start: 12:15
  • Session end: 13:15
Playground Stade Léon Chabert
Manager(s) captain_atton fifou13 GMarquet Mat Olivier Rava Sebou sylvainAF

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Session group: Coupe de foot ASIE d'AirFrance (2018/2019) (AF2)



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Who is in charge of taking the balls?     User avatar fifou13    
Who coaches the team?     User avatar fifou13    
Who is in charge of taking the jerseys?     User avatar fifou13    
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Total of available players : 7 / 32 [ Minimum: 7, Preferred: 9, Maximum: 10 ]


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Bench :

Player avatar dborder..
Player avatar Gelina
Player avatar Rava
Player avatar fifou13
Player avatar Abderra..
Player avatar GMarquet
Player avatar Wacooper
Player avatar ibrahim
Player avatar segarra
Player avatar scifo
Last update 7 days ago by fifou13


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Round #1

Team A Team B
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Total: 1
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User avatar segarra 6
User avatar dborderie 3
User avatar Rava 1
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User avatar scifo 0
User avatar Gelina 0
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User avatar fifou13 has posted 7 days ago:

rdv demain en tenue "blanche" vers 12h10 à chabert... attention il faudra 1 ou 2 volontaires au goal... parmi ceux qui n'y sont pas encore allés...
Abde, scifo, Ibra, Lionel

User avatar fifou13 has posted 19 days ago:

corrigé thx :-)

User avatar Rava has posted 19 days ago:

Fifou sur le site asie ils disent que c'est à Chabert, alors que t'as écrit Fontonne

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