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Description vs Ausy 1
Date and hours Wednesday 13 March 2019
  • Session lock: 10:45
  • Appointment: 12:15
  • Session start: 12:15
  • Session end: 13:15
Playground Stade de Biot
Manager(s) dariovia djilali flake lolo_obs marwen Mikikou

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Session group: Championnat de foot ASIE d'Orange Labs (2018/2019) (SerieC2)



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Who is in charge of taking the balls?     User avatar wissden..    
I can help for the following task:


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Total of available players : 10 / 155 [ Minimum: 7, Preferred: 9, Maximum: 10 ]


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Bench :

Player avatar adel
Player avatar ArnaudS
Player avatar Françoi..
Player avatar julianb..
Player avatar Louigio
Player avatar marwen
Player avatar Pepite
Player avatar Salah
Player avatar SAMGLA
Player avatar Christi..
Player avatar djilali
Last update 2 months ago by djilali


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There are 1 carpool proposal(s) :

User avatar Pepite can take up to 2 players in his car (Ford Focus Bleue)
Pickup time :
There are 0 unsatisfied carpool request(s) (amount a total of 1) :

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Arret de bus : Les Templiers

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User avatar Pepite has posted 2 months ago:

@marwen, oui j'ai le numéro de julian, je vais l'appeler.

User avatar djilali has posted 2 months ago:

Louigio tu es en #0 sur la liste d'attente

User avatar marwen has posted 2 months ago:

oui il a besoin t'as son numéro ?

User avatar Pepite has posted 2 months ago:

@julian, je peux passer te récupérer devant Cap à midi si besoin ?

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