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Description Team A vs Team B
Date and hours Monday 12 March 2018
  • Session lock: 12:24
  • Appointment: 12:15
  • Session start: 12:25
  • Session end: 13:25
Playground Stade Gilbert Auvergne (Eucalyptus)
Manager(s) Adri dmavrotas Mikikou

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Session group: Entraînements de foot de Kinaxia (2017/2018)


Session has been canceled by $Mikikou on 3/12/18 6:14 PM


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User avatar dmavrotas has posted 6 months ago:

En fait, c'est pas mort encore, mais il faut pousser, si tu as du monde, vas-y :)

User avatar Thomas has posted 6 months ago:

Ca va jouer Mika tu penses par ici? Certain ne sont pas inscrits?

User avatar Mikikou has posted 7 months ago:

Faites faire un compte à Khalil !

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